I'm buying an Ibanez Iceman IC500 which comes with Dimarzio Activator Humbuckers stock and I would like some advice on some I'm thinking of putting in:
Dimarzio Activators: From what I know, they're average, but I only played them clean through a Marshall Can and a Line 6 head since I was in a hurry.
Duncan Distortions: I want them because Daron Malakian uses them, a reason why I'm getting an iceman.
Duncan Full Shreds: I don't know much about these.
Dimebucker set: Basically a 59' reissue Neck Humbuckers and a Humbucker Hot Rail.
Duncan Blackouts: I don't know much about these.
These are all pickups that have been recommended to me quite a bit and I'm curious what your thoughts are as to what ones would sound better for metal, particularly in Drop C if that matters. Thanks.
Wait until you actually have the guitar. There's not really any point in worrying about something as drastic as a pickup swap before you even know how the guitar will perform through the equipment you have, and you're not going to know that until you've spent some time with it. At the moment you're thinking about changing something before you even know what the thing you're changing actually is - so you've got absolutely no way of knowing HOW you'd want it to change, if at all!

Also the pickups you've mentioned are all quite different, which suggests that you don't really know an awful lot about pickups ("Humbucker Hot Rail?") and one of the worst things you can do is spend too much time worrying about what other people think and say about things. Pickups are an expensive and poor value upgrade, you don't really want to be spending money on them unless you yourself know what you want - if your ears can't work that out for you then it's not something you need to be worrying abut yet.
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^ And especialy if the guitar already has pretty decent stock pickups.
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I would wait until you have it and play through your gear before deciding to replace.

No one will be able to help unless you tell us what music you want to play, what your gear is and what the current puckups are lacking.