I'm just wondering how many string sets guitarists keep on backup if they break a string or wear them out, for casual use.
I think they're called 5th chords... not sure. I didn't think power chord was the right term. But yeah, drop D and having to play A F etc 5th chords, is it normal to switch between fingers for a little break during the song? I find that I have to press more then comfortable to get all 3 strings to play clearly, with either my middle or index finger.

Guess I could add these two to the thread while I'm here. E string the song goes 5-14-5-14. Should I make it a habit to use my index finger only? I think I use whatever finger I can so I don't burn a finger out. E string the song goes 7-10-10-7-12-10. For the first two 10's I'm reaching my ring finger, then for the 12th I slide my ring finger down, then use my index for the last 10. Am I making a bad habit? Should I be using my pinky for the first two 10's, then use my pinky again for the 12th, then middle finger for last 10th?