I've finally nailed down the best strings for my Hofner Bass. Took me about 6 different sets in the past year to zero in on what's best for it.

Hofner's have a short scale neck but they require a 34" string. Many 32" short sale strings are too short and have thin cores which make them too flexible. Many 34" will fit but the cores are too thick which makes the strings too stiff. (found that out with the last set of half rounds I purchased) The bass sounds best with the strings built specifically for that bass. They have a looser tension and more flexibility then normal 34's and more tension then 32's which wound up being too flabby and buzz allot, especially the low E which winds up sounding dead.

The Gauge is key too. I tried heavier gauges and the bass sounded good but was very fatiguing to play very long. I could barely get through a couple of songs and it felt like may hand had been through a meat grinder.

I finally tried the Labella 760FHB2 39-56-77-96 Hofner strings are the ideal gauge that provide the best playability vs tone. I tried their Hofner 45~100 or 50~105 awhile back and they were real close, sounded great but a bit clunky for any kind of speed. The 39~96 are ideal. they may not last as long but that doesn't matter much to me.

I haven't tried the other two which were Pyramid or Thomastik Infield. I cant see spending $75 ~ $85 for a set of bass strings, especially with the amount of playing I do. $35 is steep enough for my wallet. .

The funny thing, after all the trials and errors I was lead to using that brand and that gauge as being the ideal match through necessity in getting the best feel and tone and I just happened to google up what McCartney prefers and it happened to be that exact brand and gauge.. Go figure.

Relax with : let me love you lyrics | side to side lyrics | cold water lyrics. Good fun!
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alexwaston I found "short scale" was not correct for my "Beatle Bass"... I seem to remember finding some Fender Flats that fit fine (& sound great, too).
I used the tape wound short scale strings on a short scale bass which also sound great...