I am looking for a little help and hope someone on here can give me some direction. I am looking for a second microphone for the stage that gives a telephone or old radio effect to it. There are multiple bands that use these, and the only one that I've seen is a CopperPhone Mic http://www.placidaudio.com/products/copperphone/

This is one is good, but I was just looking to see a variety, does anyone know of anymore that has this ability?
I think Jack White used a harmonica microphone trough a guitar amp to get this effect. And i distinctly remember someone using a megaphone and using that to shout trough a microphone. And i remember some local band using a CB Radio microphone for just such effect. I guess they somehow rewired it to a normal output. You can probably also get the same effect with some hicut filter and a bit of distortion. I guess you can get that in a vocal processor somewhere hopefully. That way you wouldnt really need a special mic for this.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.