Can anyone tell me where i can purchase a U channel truss rod that is 19.-1/4" long?? stewmac only sells a 17" version is too short for my project and the next size up is a 22" which is going to be too big
i appreciate your help
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can you not just use a 2-way? then you can cut and weld it to the desired length (which is what I do)
no cause the truss rod channel is already there eh?
it's gotta be a U channel truss rod but i don't know where jackson guitars get their truss rods from
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Jackson probably make them themselves. You can still cut down a U channel trussrod to make it shorter, but you are going to need more tools or someone that can do it for you
i don't know why i didn't think of it myself
but you are right get the 22" truss rod and cut the housing and that's it. i can re-use the threaded rod instead of cutting the new one and threading it
that wouldn't make sense