I am returning to a project I started in High School called Feedback and I have some clairvoyance in taking it to stardom. The sound produced I would interpret to be closest to Alice In Chains, Tool, Faith No More and a tiny bit of Metallica. The lyrics are the most controversial things you’ll ever hear. I am looking for a bassist with any level of experience (I don't know jack-shit about bass) but a guitarist who can do psychedelic solos and manipulate distortion. I have some touring experience and I am very well connected in London; I parted ways before I was about to play a festival in Coventry right after I recorded drums with a band due to some unforeseen dissimilarities.

Hear are some rough demos that showcase the sound I can create:
Radio Hammer:

Eye for an Eye:

What Thou Wilt:

Chinese Whispers: (with ex-guitarist)

If you are still interested in producing a similar sound and following my vision call/text me at 07833214275. (+44)7833214275 if you live abroad.

I am dedicating my life to this project and I know I will succeed especially now that I have a lot of money to invest heavily into it. If you live far outside of London, but would like to move down to play some loving music and I can find you a flat in London with ease. Also as I’m quite right-winged in terms of politics but I am able to tolerate left-wingers and treat them like brothers, I would appreciate you could do the same if you are left-winged. I respect everyone in terms of religious denomination. Peace out.
"Eyeballs deep in muddy water, fucking hypocrite."

Check out my drum covers.