I am looking to get my first tube amp and some pedals to use for heavy metal and could use some advice on what to get since I have little experience with amps/pedals. I've read through a bunch of other threads, but would like some feedback to make sure I don't overlook something.

a) What to buy? A combo amp (or head and cabinet if that would be better) and some pedals.

b) Where will I play? Mostly in my apartment. Currently I share one wall with a neighbor (no one is above or below me) and I rarely hear anything through the walls, so I should be able to make some noise. In a few years I might look into joining a band if I have time, but probably not anytime soon.

c) Budget? Under $1000 total would be nice. I can spend more if needed, but in general I would like to avoid going too overboard given that I will primarily just play in my apartment.

d) Type of music? Metal. In particular I would like it to sound good for doom metal (Electric Wizard/Crowbar), black metal (Marduk/Satyricon), death metal (Amon Amarth/Nile) and grindcore (Rotten Sound/Napalm Death), but I also play other metal genres some.

e) Current gear:
Guitar: ESP LTD EC-1000
Amp: Roland Microcube
Pedals: None

f) Skill level: I’ve played off and on for a few years (I’ve been playing more consistently over the last year), so I am sloppy at times and not particularly fast, but I can play slow/mid-paced stuff reasonably well.

g) Will I buy used? Sure, as long as I have some way to make sure what I am getting is in good condition.

h) Nearby cities? I can make a day trip to Chicago and a few other mid-western US cities. My current city has a few hundred thousand people.

i) What I have been looking at:

Ideally a Peavey 6505+ looks nice, but I don’t need anything that powerful anytime soon and something a little cheaper would be nice. A local guitar shop suggested a Blackstar ht-20 or a Jet City 20 (I think its a JCA2212C). They mentioned a discount on the Jet City (forgot to ask how much) and I found one website that has it on sale right now, so I am leaning towards that. I played both for a while and they sounded really good to me. Are there any better options I should look into?

Wampler Velvet Fuzz pedal – To get a good stoner doom sound like Electric Wizard - I tried this out with the Blackstar amp and it sounded good to me.
Boss HM-2 – To get the swedish death metal/chainsaw sound – Is there a new version of this worth getting, or should I track down a used one?
Digitech The Drop – To let me get a downtuned sound without having to change my guitar tuning.
A tubescreamer and delay pedal of some kind – I don’t have particular versions in mind yet, any suggestions?
Is this a good set of pedals to start off with? Any options that might be better?

Thanks for the help.
There's a 6505 mini head, as well as the EVH 5150 mini head. Jet City seems to be very good value for money.

Combos are cheaper, head and cab offer you more flexibility going forwards.

Electro Harmonix do a pedal called The Pitchfork, that does a lot of similar stuff to the Digitech pedals, I believe.

Fuzz and distortion pedals are probably best sorted once you've chosen your amp, but they're pretty much to your own tastes anyway. If you like the sound of the Blackstars with the Wampler in front of it, that's a good start.
Somehow I overlooked the 6505 mini head, but that looks more or less like what I am looking for. If I take this route, do you have any suggestions on what kind of cabinets would work well with it for metal? I assume I would want a 1x12 for now, but I’m not quite sure what other things I should be looking for, I haven’t looked into cabinets much yet. Also if I get the mini head, would I be able to use it with a larger/more powerful cabinet later for playing live at smaller venues?

Regarding pedals, I have somewhat limited options to try out pedals, so suggestions on good options that I can look into more later would be appreciated. The pitchfork looks like a good option that I will investigate some more.
6505s or 5150s look like your best bet. Blackstar amps are also good, but I've heard the Peaveys are better. There are lots of used ones that are waiting to be discovered and bought.
As for pedals, if the amp you end up choosing doesn't come with built in reverb or delay, I'd suggest one of those
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xStingrayx Those mini heads will absolutely power a 4x12, no problem. 2x12 is generally considered enough for gigging. Any decent brand with good speakers and a closed back will be ok to start with.
After reading some more about it, I think I am going to get the 6505 mini head, it looks like it does everything I would want an amp to do anytime soon. I will get a 1x12 cabinet with a closed back from a brand that is somewhat familiar (Peavey/Orange/Marshall/Blackstar/etc). I saw some people mentioning that V30 speakers are good, so I guess I will look for that and get advice from someone at the nearby guitar stores. It is good to hear that the mini head will work well with a 4x12.

For now I will plan to get a fuzz pedal (probably the Wampler), a Boss HM-2, a delay pedal, and a pitchshift/downtune pedal. Is there any need to use a distortion pedal with the 6505 unless I am looking for a specific sound (like with the Boss HM-2)? Are there any other pedals that are particularly useful for a 6505?
i would just get an OD, delay, and reverb. i don't like the HM-2 with the 5150 (i have one), but that may be preference.

you would not need a distortion pedal for the amp.

you may want a chorus for cleans, but that is up to you.

also FWIW, i am not sure i would bother with the pitch shifter pedal, mind you that i haven't tried the pitchfork, but i have yet to be impressed with one.
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