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I'm planning on selling my 1987 Ovation Custom Balladeer (acoustic/electric), and I'm trying to determine a fair price. Model # 1712.

It looks like it originally sold for $795: http://www.ovationfanclub.com/files/prices.asp

I bought it around 2004 in excellent condition and have used it sporadically since. I think it's still in good condition--only a very thin crack in the fretboard and a small blemish on the neck.

It looks like this: http://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/normal/ovation-custom-balladeer-1712-1079267.jpg

Hmmmmmm. You definitely won't get close to that $795 new price, especially with a crack in the fretboard and neck blemish. Plus, and no offense, but guitars are better made now than they were then. Probably a guy could get an equivalent Ovation today, quality wise, for a lot cheaper than back then. You can get an Ovation acoustic/electric, brand new, for under $400 now, for example. I'd say that because Ovation is different (material wise) than other guitars that maybe there is an "asterisk" on their values....but the advent of Carbon Fiber guitars well over a decade ago destroyed Ovation's "mystique" when it comes to esoteric materials.

If your guitar doesn't have something "special"...maybe SRV's autograph, maybe some kind of aftermarket bling..something...then I would, unhappily, say that it's probably not worth much money. My apologies, I know that's now what you wanted to hear. I'd guesstimate, sight unseen, by your description that the axe would, tops, be worth maybe $500. I'd suggest hanging onto it if you like the way it plays, unless you need the money.

On the other hand...I'm just a rank amateur player. Maybe one of these old timers will be able to give you a happier answer.
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TobusRex Thanks for your response! Your reasoning is sound to me, and frankly I'd be thrilled to sell it for $500.

I'd love to keep it but, alas, I'm broke.
Because the Balladeer is not on the "hot and sought after" list I would guess it will sell between $300-$400. They had good build quality back then and it has withstood the test of time so someone will want it. 50% of new price is always a good ballpark place to start pricing used gear, adding for hot items and subtracting for wear and tear.
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