I recently got a studio and noticed when switching from neck to bridge there was an insane difference in volume from the two positions. The 490 is loud as heck and boomy really just tons of bass it seems. The 498T sounded weeny compared to it. I adjusted the pickup height and the 498 sounded much louder and almost equal to the 490R. Is this a common thing to happen with these pickups? I think it might just be the huge amount of low end the 490 carries with it that makes it seem louder. I just want to make sure it wasn't anything with the electronics. This is probably a stupid question but I had to ask.
It isn't a stupid question at all. You have to assume with any pickups that the height and tilt will have to be adjusted to get the sweet spot, volumes and bass-treble balance you want. I do it by getting them to about the same volume first, then get the bass side right by flicking between the two pickups and playing the 6th string, then get the treble right by doing the same thing on the 1st string. I generally have to cycle through the routing a few times to get it just where I want ti.
^ yeah.

that's pretty common with most pickups, not just those ones. the string vibrates more at the neck so it's normally louder.
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Yeah it is really noticeable with those pickups, same problem on my Faded SG. I compensate with the volume knobs themselves a bit, even in addition to height adjustment.
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I'd lower the neck pup a little more and see how it sounds.Just keep adjusting it and trying until you like the balance.Some people like the bridge pickup a little higher so you get a slight boost for soloing on the back pickup.Just depends how you like it.