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I have this uncompleted project guitar I picked up recently along with all or most components needed to complete the build. It is one of those Chinese copies from Rondo. SX Swamp Ash. I play mainly blues rock stuff and picked this up mainly because I thought it would be fun to experiment with some different tones/sound. I was hoping some of you would respond with some advise on what wiring, pots and switches you would recommend with these pickups. I have included some pics, one of which shows the pickups I have and the intended order in which they were originally to be placed in the guitar.It also may be worth mentioning that it came with a new 4 pole 5 way super switch and I don't have a problem purchasing a part or three or drilling the pickguard if need be.
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Well, it's all about what you want to do with the guitar and what you play, and how high output everything is. There are guides for which pots and switches you need for the specific outputs and models of pickups (I'm not exactly sure what they are), and various wiring diagrams you can use. I'd recommend checking out some of the diagrams that exist for this configuration of pickups and choose from that, that's what I'd do. It looks like your guitar came with the switches and pots already though, so it may not be necessary to purchase more switches or pots unless you want different style ones.
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