This is my first post!

Anyways, I just started learning guitar and I'm having a ton of fun! But I have a problem. I enjoy playing Slipknot and the songs on the new Doom soundtrack, and those require drop A tuning. The general consensus says I need thicker gauge strings to play that music. But I also enjoy playing Queen, Pink Floyd, and Weezer. Their stuff has a lot of bluesy elements in their songs and I'm worried if I get thicker strings, the guitar sound won't be as delicate as it needs to be.

Are thicker gauge strings still okay for bluesy songs?

I have a Fender Stratocaster, with Ernie Ball extra slinky 8-38 strings.

SRV used .12 guage strings and I think he played a blues tune or two. yeah it's fine.
Tony Done A semitone, I believe. Same as some Weezer albums, IIRC.

Blendernoob64, are you planning to use one guitar with one gauge of strings, and keep switching between tunings?
SRV played in Eb with .13. They're like bridge cables.

But yes it will work very well. Just be prepared for the low E to not fit in the nut

Edit: you don't need heavy strings to play metal. But it will help with downtuning without any major adjustments to the truss rod
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Ok first off, you can playblues with any size of string, but if you put very large strings on your guitar you have trouble bending them in a standard tuning. SRV is actually a terrible example because he was super human and used crazy glue of the tips of his fingers sometimes.

If you plan on changing your guitars strings from 8's to anything else - get your guitar properly setup because changing string gauges will screw your setup completely. If you switch to a really big gauge like 12's or 13's there is some serious setup work to be done there. It won't be expensive, but it needs to be done right otherwise your intonation and action will be all over the place.
Blendernoob64 You might have trouble with the vibrato system when you change the tunings, but I would advise you to put a set of .012s on it, and ask for it to be set up in something like 2 or 3 semitones below standard. Then you can adjust it from that point depending on what you want to play. The problem then if that the setup won't be perfect for the tunings you actually use, it'll be a compromise.