How would you notate the rhythm? Do you hear it more as a "rushed 3/4" or a "dragging 5/8" or is it neither? (I think if you listen to how they play it live, it sounds much closer to 5/8 than 3/4, but the album version is kind of in-between.)

Also, would you notate it like it's notated in the article (8th notes, 3 bars of 4/4 + 1 bar of 5/8-ish) or in half tempo (16th notes, 4/4 + 7/8 or 13/16)? Or would you use cut time (3 bars of cut time + 1 bar of 5/8-ish)? Basically, how do you feel the pulse?
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I would just play it the way I felt it, which I'm guessing is what Metallica did when they wrote it and recorded it. And which may well explain why it doesn't lend itself to being written down accurately.

Not sure I'd worry about the live version, that timing issue is probably the least of their timing worries, at least going by the live version doing the rounds on Scuzz.
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