Hey everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster here... go easy.

I'm a designer by day and have been working on a new service for musicians. It's called Soundswap. I've just launched a beta version and would love some of you to try it so I can make it better. It's currently free.

The basic concept is that you can record a short "show and tell" video of your musical struggles, and send it to Soundswap. In return, you'll get a personal video response from an expert guitar teacher addressing your issues and advice on how to improve them. It kind of fills the gap between tutorial videos and straight up lessons.

Anyway, hope this post doesn't count as advertising – I'd just really love some of you to try it and hear your thoughts.

Great idea. But why you not set for member upload video to your , I don't like to send my video via facebook
jerrykramskoy Totally. MVP is the way to go – I have some teachers in place, but need a bunch more. Just testing the need before singing on 100's of teachers. Do you think it would be something you would try?

johnwooden I'm afraid I get the most bang for my buck with Facebook; they provide the whole Messenger platform which is the key interaction here as *most* people have an FB account, there is no friction at signup. Why don't you like sending your video via Facebook? What would work better for you?

Thanks for the feedback
chopeh Personally, no ... but only because I already play well, and know what I'm doing enough to explore without help.

Your biggest challenge will be around your business model, and your scalability with success. As you well know, video storage and bandwidth is not cheap, nor is the infrastructure that can scale.

I am going through similar at the moment, but we're at the other end. I created a teaching concept first (to help a friend's nephew understand some basic theory, way back (2001), then developed it with students, then got persuaded into creating software to back it up, but also for my own use and for the fun of the pure technical challenge. Then (2013) formed a company to create some serious "near-product" software with friends of mine (we're all experts in software, and a few of us are experts in music theory) as a lot of people were getting very excited about it. But I had to do that in my spare-time. Plus all the strategy / business / legal side etc (in the past I have co-designed software that sold in very large numbers). Now we are very close to launching a suite of music educartion tools and interactive content. Been a long road ... so yes, we blew it on the MVP, but it's sure been fun creating what are hopefully VPs :-) ... an 8 year old was playing major pscale and triads from the scale, on piano, in a couple of keys of her choice, without knowing the name of a single note on the piano, in just over 6 minutes from knowing absolutely nothing about music.

But I wish you all the luck ... the more help that's available to get folk playing better, the better!
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I like the interface on the site. Very simple and polished. I do not like facebook, however. Generally, diverting your service through a third party site is going to scare off customers, just because it's an annoyance.

What is your price point going to be? That's a big deal in a service like this. I don't really need help, nor can I record a video but I'd love to see this in action. Any way you can set up a demo of sorts? It's hard to judge the product when you can't see it you know

Nice idea though, hope you all the best.
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jerrykramskoy Sounds amazing, best of luck with that. I've also been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of successful start-ups in the past – but none around music. I agree this service wouldn't be so useful for high calibre players such as yourself, but what could make it so? Being able to swap a video with your guitar hero?

Kevätuhri Thanks. Yeah, I'm taking a bit of a gamble with Facebook. On one hand, we get a lot of infrastructure and security for free meaning we can focus on the other stuff rather than technology – but I agree, some people don't use or have a passionate hate for Facebook for some reason. I'm conducting some price sensitivity testing at the moment, but I'm looking for ways to make it very affordable for the student and beneficial for the teacher. There'll be an example video on the site this week you can check out