At first sorry for my english. I know it's horrible but I hope you can understand me.

I will to buy the Korg SDD-3000 delay FX. Because in the original manual I can’t find a detailed information I have got a few questions:

The SDD-300 has four footswitches:
• TapTempo / Bank Down
• Bank Up
• (Preset) A
• (Preset) B

1. How exactly works the switching process to the lower memory bank? Must I choose only one function: “Bank Up” or “Tap Tempo” or there is a double function of this switch? If I’ve got double function switch what is the switching method to the lower memory bank (hold longer the switch)?
2. When I press the “Bank Up” function it switches immediately?
3. When I change the preset from A to B or from B to A leaves the SDD-3000 the delay tails? Is it the same when I turn off the actually using preset?
4. Leaves SDD-3000 the delay tails when I change the bank?
5. Is there a possibility to change the presets by using a MIDI controller? When I’ve got in my SDD (for example) four different user-presets and plugged MIDI controller with four switches can I use it to change the presets (one MIDI switch = one delay preset)? If it’s possible what about the delay tails? Leaves SDD the tails when I change the presets using a MIDI controller?