Hello Guys,

I am going back to my hometown soon and want to try that amp there.
The one question i have with a 2x12 would this thing be loud enough for a cleanish tone?
(With cleanish tone i mean like "Pretty little ditty - RHCP" and a bit softer clean tone)
I don't need crystal clear clean tone.
A cleanish tone at what volume? You're probably ok if your pickups aren't super hot. The sensitivity of the speakers in the 2x12 will matter as well. EMGs and greenbacks, you might have issues.

I didn't wind the amp all the way up at the shop but it's got decent headroom on the clean channel. If you listen to Pretty Little Ditty live (Pink Pop 1990, for example) the amps are breaking up more than on the album, that's roughly what the Jubilee will start to sound like when you run out of headroom. If that works for you, go for it. It's a nice amp.
Edit: ^good points

My original thought was....well, why not. It is a 2 channel amp.

Then, I dug in a but further.

It is only 22 lbs (probably due to smaller transformers. Smaller transformers do not lend themselves to more headroom (unless you are a Peavey Valveking).
It is not your typical 2 channels
It uses 2- EL84 power tubes
It uses diode clipping (I believe - looks like that may be bypassable?)
20 watts to 5 watts
See youtube demo I just found.

That said, it would probably be perfect a Frusciante type of clean but not a true clean that we most often think of

That youtube demo is more of a dirty clean. I didn't check out any other videos other than that one and I obviously have never played one. I have played the 2555 on several occasions. Much more headroom there. I could consider a used 2555 but a Splawn Quick Rod would probably suite you a lot better. Not sure I would buy one of these new. Welcome to GGnA. Please play our little game.

Home or gig?
New or used?
Genres? (in addition to RHCP)
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I will use this Amp mostly for gigs.
I buy most of my stuff used.

I usually play funk rock, hard rock, but also leans to towards hendrix-ish blues and Pink floyd-esque riffs.

Hometown is Cologne, Germany (I have the music-store.de here in town) and my budget is around 2k Euros.
I have a 2x12 V30 loaded cab right now.

I am really only concerned with the cleanish tone of that amp as the higher gain tones should be loud enough on the 20 watt.

Then on the other hand i thought about buying the 100 Watt head and mod it so i can switch to 20, 50 and a 100 Watts.

Thanks for your answers so far.

Edit: My Guitars are a modded Classic Vibe 50s Strat and a stock 2015 Traditional LP (with classic 57's).
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I think you will be fine with this amp.

Obviously get some other opinions.

Someone told me the 25xx has clipping diodes on the front end (like a JCM900) but if it doesn't bother you and you like the tone that is all that matters. I think that person was Cathbard. I didn't know. I really liked the 2555. I played 2 different ones on two different occasions. Didn't mess with the clean 'channel' but you could get clean tones just by turning guitar volume down a bit and picking real cleanly. Not surprisingly - like the intro to 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'. It had a pretty raw or open tone imo.

I would personally consider a used JCM800 2205 or maybe a 6100 first.

If there are any two channel Freidmans somewhere around (or a Splawn Quick Rod) try it. I personally think you will get a better product with better tone that way.

Just my .311 cents. Good luck and happy hunting.

Never mind on the Freidmans. Way too expensive IMO and you are in Germany - which isn't going to help. Use Splawn, used Bogner, used Fortin, used Rivera, used Ceriatone, used EVH 5153, or a used Friedman Brown Eye or Small Box or Runt if one pops up somewhere etc etc
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Finding a a used Friedman for an actually lower price here in Germany is like a miracle. Alot of people here want 500 euros for their used Mexican Standard Strats.

Thank you for your help.

Edit: Technically i could also buy and ship from the UK to germany. That would't be a problem with import taxes.
I don't think that amp can really do clean, you might need the 50 watt Plexi head if you want clean. I have the Class5 which is quite similar and it can't do "clean" clean, it always has a little hair on it which I happen to like.
No, it definitely can do clean. It's got 2 EL34s and dedicated channels so it's a far cry from the single-channel, purposefully low headroom Class 5. It's about as loud as a Deluxe Reverb on the clean channel in high power mode. You certainly don't need to go all the way to a 50W plexi to get decent headroom out of a Marshall.

With the clipping diodes in, yeah, no cleans at any volume, but that's kind of the point. On the clean channel with the diodes out it gets plenty loud, especially if you don't need it to be super squeaky clean.

For reference, the Live at Hyde Park intro jam is exactly what the clean channel with the diodes in sounds like. With the diodes out it sounds like your usual plexi clean.