so im changing the strings on my ibanez rgir27e and i cant seem to unlock the a string from the bridge. it has an ibanez edge zero ii trem i believe. i tried turning the screw but the screw just came out and the little nit of metal didnt move. anyone know what could be wrong or how to fix it?
^this, also there is a tutorial for trem set-ups on here,
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bobafettacheese i know how to do it, ive done all the other strings its just like stuck idk
I've used a bit of BreakFree (it's a gun oil, but there are others) and a little...uh...persuasion to loosen up a saddle. Just don't jack it up when you do. I usually suggest a bit of machine oil or even WD40 on the bridges (there are other lubricants that should be used elsewhere to maintain a Floyd-style bridge) to keep then from locking up due to sweat and corrosion.