so i bought a new amp after being out of the guitar world for about a year.( i was never very good)
i had played with a few acoustic branded amps at my local guitar center and i fondly remember enjoying the sounds i could get out of it without even plugging in my rp300 effects processor.
so today i decided to pick up my firebird and try to learn a couple songs from tabs and do some practicing.
but alas i sold my amp awhile back to buy food while i was unemployed. (line 6 spider 212)
so i was at a local pawn shop looking for an amp to plug my guitar and board into i noticed a acoustic brand practice amp for 40 bucks so i bought it.
so far after playing with it for about 2 to 3 hours im digging it. i have yet to plug my effects into as im short a cable.

so my question is how is this amp rated in the community??
reviews from other people??
i feel like i got a good deal as when i checked at guitar center a brand new amp like mine was 60-80 dollars without tax.

my goal is to use this as my practice amp for my room then buy another 212 spider for playing with friends or at the bar when they have live guitar for the public

thanks in advance for your feedback.