Ive been looking around for a top mounted whammy that doesnt require routing for one of my guitars. So far one of the only ones that ive found is the floyd rose frx and it kinda looks really ugly. I dont want anything like a bigsby or anything im looking for something that I can use for metal and stuff.
If you want to retrofit a system that has the tuning stability and range of motion of a Floyd without any routing or drilling done to the guitar then you're asking for a system that doesn't exist.

The FRX was originally supposed to achieve this, but there is no viable way of mounting a locking nut securely enough that it can withstand string tension without adversely modifying the guitar. It's either that, a new guitar or nothing.

And regarding its aesthetics, the original Floyd design was never meant to look elegant internally (as it relied on the fact that its guts would all be hidden from view) so it's even more difficult to make it look elegant when it's guts have to be on the outside of the guitar. I don't like how it looks either, but there isn't a much better way to design it without routing or ditching the Floyd concept altogether.
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There are a few others that, like the Floyd FRX, use the TOM bits and pieces to avoid routing the guitar (the Stetsbar comes to mind), but honestly, none of them are particularly satisfying. Routing an existing guitar is often a bad idea because the neck angles may not be accommodating (some LPs, for example, require that the Floyd stick up pretty high). And the installation (routing, etc.) costs nearly as much as the trem itself.

Buy a guitar with a Floyd and get it over with.