I bought the cool warmoth strat I posted in the other thread here.

and while I anticipated having to do some work on it, I totally forgot to even bother asking the seller If the frets were stainless or not.

kind of might make a big deal if I'm the one who has to level/crown the frets. I probably should assume they are just steel frets, seeing as they didn't mention it, but you never really know what options they chose building it.

I truly was actually looking forward to putting my own finishing touches on this guitar. it looks to be pretty nice.

but now I'm kinda worried, cuz I'm not sure which set of stuff to buy off stewmac to finish the neck should the seller have been too lazy to do it properly.

is there any way I can like, determine if the frets are stainless or not after the fact? preferably non-destructively? I had a carvin with stainless and I felt like they 'looked' a bit more shiny, but fuck, it was probably just my enchantment with the piece and not something you can see the difference of lol. but i dont really remember anymore.

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