Hello axe-wielding friends.

I have the opportunity to buy a 1995 Gibson SG Limited Edition, signed by Angus Young himself. The seller is asking R25k (around $1700).

Obviously I'll have the guitar looked over by a proper tech, but it looks to be in great condition. The signature could of course be fake, but I had it evaluated and it appears to be authentic.

Is the asking price fair, or should I make another offer?

(Also, the photo isn't great, but it's this exact guitar.)

Seems like a guitar that's worth maybe half on a good day doubled in value by the seller because of a signature. It wasn't played by Angus on stage or in a studio as far as we know and it isn't even the same model as he's most associated with. I'd think you'll need to find a big Angus fan that wants it more for the signature than the guitar itself if you're looking to ever get that amount of money back out of it.
I K0nijn I As much as half? Damn, I thought it'd be worth more considering it was a limited edition.

Thanks for the advice, I'm off to renegotiate.
It's probably worth the value of a pre-owned SG + whatever someone is willing to pay for Angus' sig.Is it worth it to you?That's the important thing.
Ask yourself this: Do you want a guitar or do you want a piece of signed memorabilia?

If you want a guitar, go buy a guitar. Don't pay more for a signature you don't need.

If you want a piece of signed memorabilia, pay what you think it's worth to you, but it's for hanging on a wall not for playing.
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Yeah, it's definitely going to be played. Which makes me think a shiny new SG and a huge saving is the way to go.
Quote by RustPuppet
I K0nijn I As much as half? Damn, I thought it'd be worth more considering it was a limited edition.

Seems like everything Gibson puts out these days is a "limited edition." Not worth considering as a buying factor.
I'm not a fan of signatures on guitars -- I mostly consider them damage. If you want to collect autographs, buy some extra Les Paul pickguards and take those along to concerts. The good news is that I haven't had to deal with a signature on an otherwise interesting guitar.
I suggest looking at this ONLY as a guitar and ignore the distractions of "limited edition" and "signed by..." as seller's attempts to get you to pay too much for the gear. IMHO, of course.
If there is no provenance to the signature (Cert of Auth, photos of him signing that guitar, proper documentation, etc.), then it's not worth more than what a used SG would go for. Matter of fact, the signature may detract from the value.

A little rubbing alcohol or naptha might remove that sig easy enough.

Buy it to play it.
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RustPuppet I say half because it's basically an SG Special with a different finish. I don't know what a regular SG Special goes for where you live, but a friend of mine paid less than 400 euros for his and another paid about 450 with extra pickups. About half on a good day is very generous in that scenario. However, a regular SG Special might go for a lot more where you live.

As others have said: look at it like it's a guitar without the signature for the actual value of the guitar. If you're doing it for the signature, decide how much a signature is worth to you. However, in the second case, I wouldn't buy anything for the signature without proof that's it's the real deal.
Sig looks faked... move on.
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Without a certificate of authenticity, treat it like a regular, used Gibson SG. Even if it is in fact, the signature of Angus, no documented proof = no increase in value.
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I am often critical of people trying to over value crappy guitars with signatures. In this case, the guitar is not bad and is at least similar to what Angus plays. To me, that's a plus however without any proof this is Angus's signature you really have nothing to go on but the word of the seller. If you had verification of the signature I think the asking price is reasonable.
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