I'm planning to upgrade from my Line 6 Spider combo, but I'm stuck between two amps: The Peavey 6505 MH and Yamaha THR10X. I will be using the amp at home, and I will be playing mostly metal, but I will also be using a small amount of cleans. Just want to know what your opinions are. I know it's a subjective topic, but I'm just looking for opinions.
I think for in the room sound for playing metal you would prefer the 6505MH (obviously the 6505 also requires a speaker cab). If you are recording you can get some good sounds out of the THR but because of its speaker size it isn't going to have the feel and umph in the room compared to a 12" guitar speaker and a 20W head.

Listen to the Ola video, he switches between the recorded sound and the camera mic to give an idea of recorded sound vs in the room sound

I mean, I love my THR10X to bits and shamelessly advertise it everywhere, but what the hell are you doing even considering it if you can get the 6505 MH? Tubes will always be better than solid state, plus if and when you plan to upgrade further, you will know how to handle a 6505. The MH has less channels and no effects, but it still comes with a USB port for recording (you can choose whether it is compensated or not), and there are so many free DAWs available, you needn't have the THR10X. Seriously, the MH is the way to go; down here in Australia it costs 3 times the THR.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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