You also didn't mention BFD. Steven Slate requires a dongle so that's automatically out for me. I am leaning more towards SD but it is because I've put the time to learn it, I am sure the other one would be just as capable.
Just to confirm: I am using Steven Slate Drums 4 without a dongle.

All his mix plugins require iLok which has prevented me from exploring those but SSD4 works on a simple download and install basis (code given with purchase).

Just thought I should mention this so it's not wrongly disregarded.
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I like Superior but most of the time I just use SSD cause its easier to get started with a good sound.
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Superior if I have to program. I'll take a real drummer any day of the week.
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Addictive is my preference for programming.

But as blackened said, a real drummer over samples any day.
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Do you have any dilithium crystals or fresh warm dumps for sale
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Depends on the quality of the drummer...I've worked with some numb{nuts that I'd rather program a drum machine all day rather than work with again.

This is always true. If the tard can't balance his drumset, he's a garbage drummer anyways, regardless of technical ability.
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Do you have any dilithium crystals or fresh warm dumps for sale
I recently tried EZ Drummer 2 which is very organic, but still prefer live drumming over drum programming. Very recently I recorded a Band's song in my studio where I captured Live drumming sound with only 4 microphones. And I am very much pleased with the final output and mix. I used some samples along with actual recording. Sharing the link for you all.