I was trying to add to a previous thread and clicked post reply. Nothing. This has happened several times now. I'm signed in and nothing seems to be awry so what's going on?
It seems to be working perfectly for me. Have you tried different browser?
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working for me.
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I can post text in quick reply and it works fine but in Advanced and adding a pic it doesn't work. The pic is jpg, 512x384, 109kb.
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Sounds like it's most likely a problem on your end, i.e. your browser. Try a different one; does it work?
My God, it's full of stars!
I just got it - you can't "attatch" a .jpg! Hard to believe gif, jpg, bmp are not allowed!
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I just got it - you can't "attach" a .jpg! Hard to believe gif, jpg, bmp are not allowed!
There's a size limit on attachments, and it's usually in the area of 100KB or thereabouts. That's why you'll always see photos,, even those by the author of the post, linked to a photo sharing site.

VBulletin software is set up like that, I'm guessing to save space in the database of the server it's using.

You can, (and I'm guessing here), more than likely program it to not accept uploads at all. Point being, the attachment size is possibly at the discretion of the website. Point being though, someone's 5MB "home photo", takes a lotta, lotta, space away from text storage.

This is sort of a taboo topic, but if you're running any kind of script blocking extension, you might have to give additional permissions to allow the upload.
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I know this is off topic for this forum but I didn't see anywhere else to direct my inquiry.
Ah, the extension list under "Attachments" is gp3, gp4, gp5, gpx, ptb, mid, pdf, txt and doc. I don't know why you would want to upload text into a post since you're typing anyway. I would think pics would be the normal reason for an upload into a post.
I saw a message once that the file type (jpg) was not allowed, so that apparently is the problem
109 kb is a little large for an avatar (which is usually somewhere around 64kb) but very small compared to most pics that are posted, some of which I have seen here are HUGE!
Er I don't know what script blocking extension is and probably don't need to know.
It's OK, time I subscribed to an image hosting site anyway like in the old days, it's just that I got tricked into believing that this site allowed pic uploads directly from the PC.
Maybe dropbox will do it or Imageshack.
Thanks Cranky, I got an account with Imageshack you can see the pics in the "Saving Sylvia" thread.