Changing the strings on my Blueridge BR-361 and one of the ABS buttons on the tuners broke while removing old string. I had to use pliers (w/ a rag to prevent scratching) finish removal of the string. I super glued the ABS button back on because I don't mind a little cosmetic flaw. I let it dry for three days without touching it. I went to put the strings back on and I can hear the glue cracking and feel pieces of the button separating. Upon further investigation more of the buttons are a little loose and seem like they may break as well. I would like to replace just the buttons but I am not finding any buttons for sale on line. I do not really want to replace the tuners all together but I will do it if it is a simple repair and I don't have another option.

Tips? Advice? I love this guitar and I have never had any problems with the tuners in the past. I am often surprised to find it (relatively) in tune after a period of inactivity.

Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/XZf8I

Here ya go:


It's a pity you used suprerglue, I've done long-lasting repairs on buttons like that using slow-setting epoxy. You could probably fix the others is you can work epoxy in between the button and the shaft.
Also check with some local music stores, I had to get tuner knobs for a very old (1940's) Electromuse lap steel, one of the local shops had them, cost me a couple of bucks for all 6.

Being plastic, you just heat the metal tuner stem and press it on. Still working great 15 years later.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...