So right now I'm playing a Schecter Tempest with EMGs (66/57), and I'm not the biggest fan of those pickups. I play a lot of heavier stuff, but I want something versatile too. I know a lot of it has to do with the amp, but with the EMGs, it seems like no matter how I EQ my amp, it's still just TOO much.

I've been doing a lot of research on different guitars, other Schecters, ESPs, etc., mainly with passive pickups. Also a couple of the $700-$800 Gibsons (Les Paul Studio Faded 2016, Studio 50's Tribute 2016), as well as some from PRS. I know Gibson and PRS are going to be solid regardless, but I'm worried I won't be able to get the tones I want, because I can't really find demos/videos where people play the style of music I'm into; and before anybody says go to a music store and try some out, the nearest music store that isn't like just band instruments and stuff like that, is 3 hours away, so I'm not going to make a 3 hour trip, spend the gas money, with the possibility of coming home empty handed.

So honestly, any suggestions would be great. (Budget is $700-$800, but I would probably go up to $900 if it was the right thing) (Also I'm playing through and Orange AD30HTC)
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You have seemingly ruled out changing the pickups, even though you've identified them as the main problem in relation to the EQ of your amp. Have you thought about Blackouts or different EMGs? What if active pickups just aren't your thing? I'd suggest having a look at Bareknuckle and Seymour Duncan passives.

On the guitar topic, have you had a look at the Ibanez RG series guitars? I'm quite sure you could score a decent RG with $700, especially if you're willing to buy used. To me, they're probably the second most versatile guitar after the Les Paul, and have the same style of playability that Schecter and ESP have.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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We need to start at the very beginning. What is tone.
New or used?
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what do YOU like?
body shape?
thick or thin neck?
humbuckers or SC's?

there are a ton of used guitars out there in your range with passive pickups.
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It sounds like a lot of what you're talking about is just with the pickups. If you want something with different pickups, just get the pickups replaced/replace them yourself. I'd only suggest getting a new guitar if you want a different guitar (Not just the pickups)
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any particular types or styles of guitars you like? what about neck profiles?

you could get something more modern than a gibson (for the heavier stuff, both in terms of tone and also playability) but which still does the lighter stuff better than the emgs, so that'd be worth thinking about.
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From your original post I get the feeling that you have no idea what you're looking for. For heavier stuff you mention more standard rock guitars, etc...not sure what to recommend.
Sounds to me like you probably just need passive pickups, something middle of the road that you can then go whatever way you want.
Maybe this: