I was looking for an LP Junior and came across this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MANCHESTER-QUINCY-6-string-electric-guitar-LP-les-paul-junior-shape-sunburst-jnr-/322247782469?hash=item4b0776f045:g:zmoAAOSwFV9Xx8z3

I love the way it looks but reality is we're a one guitar at a time household(!) so I'd have to sell my Epi LP with Burstbuckers to fund it and I'm guessing Id be trading down not up...bit concerned that the P90 might not deliver or be noisy and tuning stability and intonation might be dodgy...

I was also looking out for a used PRS One or maybe a used PRS SE standard.
My ideal would be a Gordon Smith GS1 but even used I'd be beyond my spare cash...
Any advice or ideas?

Should I conclude that my Epi with Burstbuckers is actually a pretty good guitar for a once a month gigger and get over my snobbery!!!??
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I don't see that guitar as being an upgrade from what you have. Not even close.
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