I've been living in England all my life but I really want to live in Hamburg for a year, I'm half German and have always wanted to see how the 'other half' live. Hamburg would be my choice of city, because it's awesome.

I've never done anything like this really, and have no idea where to start. I've been working full time for 5 years now and have been living at home, so I have money saved up - affording a place to rent won't be a problem(within reason, of course) I can if needs be, live without working for several months, but I want to have a job as soon as possible when I'm there really. I speak good German, more than enough to get by, and I'll become fluent after a few weeks of living there(right?)

General questions:
1) How hard is it to find a job? I'll do anything other than bar/restaurant work(I'm very clumsy and drop stuff a lot)
2) How hard is it to find a place to rent? I can afford to live in a hotel for a few months if needed, but I want to find a place as soon as possible.

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1) not a clue. Although my german relatives are very insistent that everyone must have experience and be trained in whatever job. So i guess whatever industry you're doing now but in germany would be a good place to look (and then you can start working on phrases in german specific to your job)

2)Germany has a higher percentage of renters than house buyers and it's more commonplace to rent. I think you'll be fine. Try checking some german letting agent websites so you can see what you can expect.

Other than that, I hope you go and enjoy yourself.
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1) There's this thing called the internet. You could use it to start looking for work before you go
2) See above, but for housing