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16 31%
Yah cuz I have to sometimes
4 8%
14 27%
Wish I could :'(
10 19%
Rather die
8 15%
Voters: 52.
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Poll innit

I said no. I've "danced" a handful of times in my life, and it's super uncomfortable for me, I don't know what I'm doing, self conscious, etc.

My wife on the other hand loves it, so I recently started getting dance lessons for us (read: for me) and we have our fourth one today. Now that I can do a small handful of moves and string them together with her, it's more fun, but we still haven't danced in public.

N e wayz, we started learning west coast swing, so it's kinda w/e.

Wbu all
My God, it's full of stars!
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only dance i can do

I'll allow it
My God, it's full of stars!
I have to be drunk and like the music. When the music starts getting progressively worse, hey lets get drinks fk this

A babe taught me how to machata kind of, but ugh dancing
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i don't trust anyone that doesn't

I love dancing, I'm not very good but oh well
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it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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you made the same exact thread 9 months ago

but its gone now..........


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I an evety characyer in this story
I dance when I want to. I don't have any friends who don't, because if you don't dance, you're no friend of mine.
they're coming to take me away

I had intoxicating substances in my body when my friend got married and I did a bit because why not but no I absolutely don't. That was the only time.
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I wish I was American.

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I have never even attempted to dance for a variety of reasons, especially it being looked down on for men in my family.

wish i could. it doesn't look that hard but i will undoubtedly look stupid. i have had the nerve to publically attempt things for the very first time with other things and it has never ended well lol.
basic awkward dork side swaying shit in public
dancing queen in private

I got the best of both races.

edit: I have danced "proper" routines fine though, but I find that kind of organised rehearsed situation a lot different to just relaxing and moving with some music. eg learning something particular for a performance with set music vs random dancing at a party or club

edit2: I mosh all the time, if that counts.

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my family is super macho, well they percive themselves to be anyway. there's more to it but it doesn't belong in this thread lol
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I will only dance on those rare occasions when I go clubbing. And I need to have had a sufficient amount of drink beforehand.
I have nothing important to say
if I had a qt that would drag me to dance lessons I'd surely benefit from that

watching people who know what they're doing is pretty amazing, I'm just an awkward clutz
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that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
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Ill dance if i go to the club sure, moving to music is great
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edit2: I mosh all the time, if that counts.

no. no it doesn't.

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I wish I could dance, but outwardly I am far too self conscious of it.

If I'm super drunk and a qt drags me onto the dancefloor I'm ok. Depends on the type of dancing tho, I can do ok doing slow dances or waltzes and shit, but if I have to dance at a nightclub, I look like a fucking spastic.
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I dance if the mood takes me. I can do a mean Northern Soul back-drop.
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fuck yeah, gimme some o dat house/tech house/techno and im groooovin
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Bitches be Crazy.

I don't go out to clubs and drink so I don't really get the environment for it.

Plus it is very mood dependent and song driven.

There are times when I'm alone in the kitchen in silence when I'm just in a good mood for some reason and I'll pull some super energetic moves out of nowhere because I feel like it.

When I'm rarely out at places the music is god awful so that puts me in a bad mood and therefore not in the mood for dancing.

Give me some disco, Motown and I'll be groovin. Give me good edm, house and ecstasy and I'll get the glow sticks out. Only thing is I've never once had any of those things yet,
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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I'm tryna learn how to do the crip walk in time for prom, actually.

P.S. Didn't you already make this thread?
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When no one's looking.

I don't know how to dance, but I feel like dancing all the time.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Nah. I have danced when I go to clubs and stuff but it just feels forced to me. All dancing in clubs here is just jump up and down with one hand in the air with one finger pointing toward the stage and bouncing a bit or find a girl and she grinds on you and you grab her hips and move 3 inches side to side. It's boring as fuck and I'd rather be playing pool or ping pong or something while I'm drunk
yes but I do it sarcastically and ironically to hide my insecurity about not being good at it
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yes but I do it sarcastically and ironically to hide my insecurity about not being good at it

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I an evety characyer in this story
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Yes LOVE it

Maybe it's because we have much better dancing music over here. If I hear Justin Bieber or Rihanna on a club I groan, but put me some cumbia/reggaeton/bachata/salsa/merengue and I'll dig it

The culture allows it. Not to mention a guy that can't dance is SOL in Latin cultures.
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I had this conversation last night
It was established that I actually have the physical abilities in my legs for classical ballet, my feet turn around about 120° from straight forward
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