Hi guys,
I have a cheap Behringer Ultra Shifter/ Harmonizer US600 that has several effect options, but I mainly use it for harmonizing. It's definitely lacking something, and is kinda warbly at times. I just wonder if a harmonizer is something that you can improve by switching out caps or transistors, resistors...or is a cheap Behringer just something that can't be improved?
If I can, any tips/websites/guides you can point me to?
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I haven't had a chance to try one but I would assume that it's digital so if you wanted to mod it you'd have to reprogram the DSP.
Lemme put it this way.

There's an old recipe that circulates among fishing stores on the Mississippi for preparing carp.
It involves the carp, of course, a pot of boiling water, a lot of seasonings, a lot of vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.) and one unusual ingredient: an old boot.
The ingredients boil for a while, building flavor and softening the tougher bits over time.
At the end of the cooking period, the instructions say, "toss the carp in the garbage and eat the boot."

The Behringer...is the carp.
The short explanation is that these kinds of effects aren't really moddable (mod-able?). Even if they were, the surface-mount components in these things make them virtually impossible to work on without specialized equipment. Certainly not something a beginner could deal with. If it were me I'd sell the Behringer and put the money toward something better.
Oddly, this comparison has the Berhinger coming out ahead of two way more expensive pedals:

While the Berhinger can intentionally be made to warble or flutter.

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Thanks fellas, I don't really use it all that much, it's not terrible, it's just kinda....meh. With delays it gets better, I guess. But yeah, thanks for the info anyways.I figured that was the case.
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