I just bought some logitech monitors with a subwoofer that was supposed to be for both my guitar playing and also just the computer audio for whatever, but they have lots of fuzz when I'm playing in BiasFx. So I'm going to return them.

What would you guys recommend I get for really clear and capable of high volume speakers?

I was watching a YouTube musician. Cole Rolland and he uses "Yamaha HS5" speakers. I think I'll get those, but do they cover all of the audio or do I need extra speakers with that?
I'm using KRK Rokit 8's (8" woofer) for modeled guitar, keyboards and occasional bass (through a Bass Pod XT). I picked the 8's over the Rokit 5's because they have a bit more power and bass and allowed me to hold off buying the 10" or 12" subwoofer. The keyboard is actually capable of putting out deeper bass than the four-string bass guitar, so that was my chief concern.

I have mine on speaker stands (Ultimate Supports,not the ones in the "kit" below, but the ones in the separate photo). There are three chambers on the inside of the oval posts; two for cord management, one to hold sand or lead shot to reduce resonance and/or ringing and prevent transfer of sound to the ground.

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