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Poll: Does UG crash every 5 minutes for you?
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2 18%
9 82%
Voters: 11.
Is anyone else finding the forums nearly unusable now? I'd say the site crashes out about every third page I navigate to. This has been happening ever since the forum redesign. It seems worse in threads with lots of replies and it happens on every device I access UG from and every network I've used. Am I the only one getting this?
Not actually every 5 mins but i have noticed it will not load sometimes or take me to that error page
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I'm not really seeing anything like this.
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Only happening on 1 particular thread for me. I think there's probably a PHP caching issue that's different per user.

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it's crashing because they haven't brought back the ignore feature yet. trust me i'm an expert ?

I get that "shit happens" page every once in a while but I just assumed the admins are working on something. It almost always loads on refresh, or within five mins.

But not to the point of unusable. Far from it, actually. The only actual bug I come across is one where you open a notification and it takes you to the page that's before the post cuz it's the first on a new page. Plus lately I just haven't been getting all the notifications. I assume it'll pass
I've noticed it crashes more often, and the load times for some pages are pretty ridiculous.
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yeh, nah I get the shit happens page constantly and I usually have to reload a page 2 or 3 times before it actually shows up. I tried clearing my cache and errthing, but it sounds like it's way worse for me than for most of you
Actually, it just happened to me. (Speak of the Devil)

It was the Shit you can't say or whatever thread.
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I only get the 'Shit Happens' page on links other people seem to get it on.

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When I'm on my work computer it freezes every 20 seconds. Scrolling and navigating takes multiple tab changes.

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