Hey, guys. I have a guitar body and I want to create my own guitar. Too many questions to get started here, but I would like to know if there is a good book that shows you how to go about building your own custom electric? Or any info that covers everything- like starting with a body- what are the steps in choosing necks, electronics, painting- everything?
It's all about going on google and looking all the specific steps up and watching videos. That's how I learned. I know there are lots of guitar building books out there but a lot of those are just made by general woodworkers and classic guitar builders.
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I guess I'll play it by ear. There's more than enough vids to get ideas from and when I begin the process, I'll make a thread on it. Basically, it will be easy. I just want to change the neck, electronics, and pups on an old Westone Spectrum MX body