I've been a member of this site for a little while (haven't used it much clearly) and I've submitted maybe 8 or so tabs. I was working on a tab but went on a really long hiatus. Just today I finished up my tab and submitted it. After submitting, I was curious and decided to look at some of my older tabs. What a terrible sight. This brings me to my first problem.

Problem #1
I cannot find any way to edit my tabs whatsoever. After digging around endlessly, I found a way to at least SEE an edit button. I did this by clicking profile>contributions total #>tabs which forwarded me to My Contributions and had buttons labeled "edit" on the far right side for each tab. Clicking on edit would forward me to this a message saying simply "Access Denied."

Additionally, going to My Contributions the usual way (username>contributions) forwards me to My Contributions but without any edit buttons.


Problem #2
Very confused, I decided to look around this particular part of the site a little more and.. what's this? I click on the Pending Approval tab.

"Unfortunately, you didn't contribute enough tabs to get access to this page! You must have at least 1 approved tab in your contributions in order to get access to this page."
Is this some sort of joke? Am I supposed to laugh? I have 7x the requirement to use this feature. I was definitely able to use this feature in the past as well.

I haven't been using this site much and haven't been following any updates or reading the forums or anything so I have no knowledge of what might have happened or what I could be doing wrong. If you have any information please let me know.

tldr; I can't edit tabs and I can't access the Pending Approval feature. Help.
Wow, this site never fails to amaze me. I have just tried to respond to someone who requested something of me by commenting in the section on my most recent tab.

Problem #3
Whenever I try to submit my comment, I'm faced with the same "Access Denied" screen featured in Problem #1. What's going on here? I was able to leave a comment on his profile but not on my very own tab.

tldr; I'm unable to post comments on tabs.
You probably would have gotten a response by now if you'd posted in UG Feedback -> Bug Reports.

As for the two different contribution views, one is personal and the other is public.
WEW I feel either really stupid or.. I don't know.

I decided to try to log out and log back in if it somehow were a problem with that. Turns out when I switched the email connected to my account a few months ago, I might not have verified my account via email. That doesn't seem likely however. I don't know if either I had to verify my account a second time due to an update on the website or if I had forgotten long ago. Either way, that was the problem.

I'll have to remember that next time, Neo. I didn't initially think this could have been a bug. I thought they might have done something to the website that directly reset my permissions. Wasn't too sure. Thanks for the advice though.