I bought a Cort DLX bass locally from a shop about a month ago and it's had fret buzz problems on the E string ever since. I've done what I can, with my limited knowledge, to address it, but couldn't solve it. I took it back and the shop guy said his tech will fix it. Got the instrument back on thursday and nothing has changed.

I'm a bit concerned not least because apparently the tech guy set it up and when testing it couldn't find a problem. Yet as soon as i play that string (it's mainly around the 3-6th frets - and it's really obvious) i can hear the buzz as plain as day. It's extremely suspect to me to be told the guy couldn't find anything wrong when the problem is so blatant and the buzz so obnoxious.

I don't know the brand or make so I don't know if there's a known issue. Short of asking for a refund, and hoping, I don't know what else to do. If i take it elsewhere I can't guarantee a better result - and I'd have to pay.
Are you sure it's fret buzz and not something else? I had a buzz in a bass at particular frequencies. Thought for sure it was fret buzz, but it turned out that the tuners needed tightening. Had another instance where I was getting buzz from a bridge saddle. Fret buzz would likely be a setup issue. Universal fret buzz closer to the headstock tends to be due to too much tension in your truss rod, which actually starts to pull the neck backwards. Not enough tension, the neck bows forward and you get fret buzz in the upper register. The fact that it is only on one string would point to an individual saddle as opposed to the truss rod.

Learn to do your own setups. It will save you a ton of money over the years, and you will learn what you like and how to get it there. All musicians should know how to set up their own tools of the trade. It's actually rather easy, and you'll be glad you learned how. Your friends will be stoked and ask you to set up their guitars. You need a tuner, a capo, a phillips screwdriver, allen wrenches, and a decent gap measuring tool (I got a digital caliper from Amazon for $6). For less than the price of 1 setup, you'll be able do setups forever. I use my personal setup specs on all of my basses. I've learned what I like and how to achieve it, down to the string-body gap.

Your first time will be intimidating. You'll second guess everything you're doing. No worries, keep moving forward. Tune, truss rod, tune, bridge saddle height (action), tune, intonation, tune, pickup height. Tune between each step because altering the truss rod, saddle heights, and intonation will all change the strings' tensions and end up out of tune. Also, check your measurements from the playing position. If you setup with it on its back, the specs will change when you move it to the playing position. Try this. Tune your bass sitting down the body laying flat across your lap. Move it to the playing position and check your tuning. It's off, isn't it? The same will happen to all of your setup specs if you do it laying flat.

My first time took more than an hour. I was second-guessing everything. I thought for sure that I was going to break something. Didn't happen. 25+ years later, I can now setup all 6 of my basses in less than an hour.

Good luck!
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Thanks, but the guitar has recently been set up by the tech at the shop. He said he couldn't hear any problem, but i don't think he was listening closely. Probably just plugged it in and turned the volume up to overpower the sound. But the buzzing is there and it's 'a real issue on certain frets on the E string.

I don't think it's any of the things you've mentioned as they are not loose. I guess it's just a defective model from the factory. these things happen.

I've no idea what else it could be. Even raising the string doesn't fix it.
kabadi.man Possible, but i don't play especially heavy. I can and at times I do, but i've taken that into account and made the effort to pluck reasonably. Also if i pluck over the bridge pickup it's worse (greater string vibration obviously)