I recently discovered The Monks album - Black Monk Time - you've probably never heard of it it's very off the radar. It's a proto-punk album from 1966 and the guitar style of their lead has inspired me so much I wish I could tab his short solos myself but it's impossible to me... In other words I want to take his tricks and make them mine but I need to know how to play them first.

Anyways.... the first song is Shut Up, and the solo starts 1:50 into the song and lasts about 15 seconds, yet he only plays a few notes but does it so fast it's hard to know the order.

The second is called Oh, How To Do Now and the guitar part is about 2:00 into the song, I can play the first couple licks, but the last one is the one that makes it and no matter how long I spend trying to learn it I always throw my hands up.

If anyone wants to give a shot at them it would be greatly appreciated, and AGAIN I DON'T NEED THE ENTIRE SONG, just these short segments which to a trained ear should be pretty quick tab work.

Thank you!