Hi, yeah your playing is pretty good, miles better than anything I could do lol.
Recording-wise, I guess this is more of a demo cos I could hear your chair.
Song-wise, yeah it's pleasant and carries the undertone of whatever was troubling you (I'm guessing that from the overall vibe, rather than any specific lyrics).
Nice change up with the overdub near the end there too.

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project more with your voice. open up your throat a little. the riffs are cool but i can't hear your voice.
Really nice and smooth. I really like the guitar part, and i would make the same comments than the other people regarding your voice
Regarding the mastering i'm not an expert, but did you cut the very low frequencies (<30~50Hz) of each instrument ? If not try to do it, it will make your recording sound a little bit less "confused" and more Professional !

Keep on rocking !

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Rock In Peace.