Sorry if this isn't in the right category here but I really like the sound of the lead guitar in this song: and was wondering what I need to recreate it. I've been playing guitar for a long time now but I never owned any pedals. What pedal (if it even is a pedal) do I need to make this sound and how would I do it?
For most of the song, it sounds like a singlecoil through an amp that does cleans well. There may be some effects on it to thicken the tone up a mite, but only subtlely. As in, he's using the pedals at low settings as opposed to full on.

Guessing at pedals...I'd say a dash of reverb/echo. Maybe a sprinkle of chorus.
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I think Stratocaster or Tele into a clean channel and a Tube Screamer Pedal. I literally had this same tone like 2 days ago when I was messing around. The TS thickens the tone.
Cool song! Yeah a single coil guitar into something like Twin-like with a Tubescreamer in between, definitely some slap back echo/delay, and the chorus is probably a good idea
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