Okay so first I'd like to say that I just stumbled upon this whole forum thing today so if I'm doing it wrong or something please help me.

Okay so all my songs are story songs. I want people to listen to them and imagine the people I write and see the situations clearly. So far I've been pretty successful but I feel like the rhyming is holding me back. I do a pretty standard rhyming pattern, rhyming the last word of two sentences. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it well so for example in my newest song I wrote: No one ever bothered to ask, if he'd take of his faceless mask.

Sometimes it's hard for me to get in all the things I want to say when I have to rhyme or I'll wind up with pointless filler lyrics in order to make everything rhyme. Sometimes I'll just write without thinking and I'll wind up with a good song that doesn't rhyme at all but when I try to write one that doesn't rhyme it just sounds wrong. Is there some trick with the melody or something that makes a song flow even without a rhyme?
You should remember that not all songs have to rhyme. I have the same problem, but just listen to some songs and you'll notice that they sometimes don't rhyme and still sound good.
You dont have to rhyme two verses right after another. You can mix it up, and it will still flow. Look up different rhyming schemes online. Also, not everything has to rhyme exactly, especially in songs that tell a story. I actually find that rhyming every single line with the previous one makes everything sound cheesy and amateurish. Here is an example of lyrics that really flow, and work int he context of the song, even though not everything rhymes perfectly. (Coheed and Cambria - Gravit's union)

Driver may I sleep with you tonight
Numbered uncertainty
City limits, shoe strewn diary
The roar of the engine won’t cease

All of my love and heart spilled in this car
Picture me the perfect enemy
Our lives are one, colliding up and beyond
In this fatal possibility

You can also check out some other rhyming schemes here:

Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
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Maybe try making up different rhyming schemes.. instead of a-a-b-b try a-b-c-a or a-b-b-b anything else you can think of.. also use words that almost rhyme. Sometimes I feel like those half-rhymes sound better and less forced
Rhyme if it works out that way, don't try too hard. It can still sound good without all of it rhyming.