Hi, can someone help me? I was trying to get the volume knob off because i wanted to remove the plastic underneath it. It worked fine with the tone knobs but when i tried to get the volume knob off i came of together with a peice of metal. I put it back on but now it scrolls around without stopping. I dont know if it works because im having my amp repaired right now. Please help
The metal is the shaft on the pot?? if so you need to replace the pot.

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Sounds like you wanked the shaft out of the pot. Order up a replacement pot and warm up your soldering iron... or take it to tech hand let them do it.
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it's a quick fix, a $5 part and a few minutes with a soldering iron. if you don't know how to solder, this is a good place to get started out.

For what it is worth, (and my. $.02) learning how to solder now will save you bucket fulls of money down the line.
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