So I have this guitar. It's a Schecter TSH-1. Sparkly blue, mahogany bodied beauty. It originally had 2 lipstick humbuckers. I replaced the bridge with a Duncan and it was fine. Im now at a place where I want to redo the whole of it. I found a complete harness of two wide range pickups. I also found these GFS Filtertron copies. Both suit what I want....I think.
My question is....how big a difference?
I mostly just play with Rocksmith. When I do plug into my amp its an Excelsior by Fender. The sound I want out of this guitar is Everclear/ Soul Asylum type stuff.
The wide range rig is $90ish and the only wiring would be the jack solder. The filtertron type would require buying all the parts as I would replace everything.
Asking only about the actual wide range and filtertrons....how big a difference in tone? Clarity?