I have a Fender Pure Vintage 74 Jazz bass.  I LOVE the deep rich tone, but I don't like the fat, U-shaped neck; hard to play with my small hands.  I am in love with the neck as found on Fender models Deluxe PJ, the American Elite Jazz, the Geddy Lee Jazz, and the Squier Vintage Modified 70s jazz bass.  That neck is slim, fast, easy to play, and I love the look of the black binding and black fret markers.  My question is, if I was to replace the fat neck on my 74 with the slim neck, how much would it effect the tone?  I don't want to ruin the tone of this bass.  I know pick ups really are where most of the tone comes from, but would putting a slimmer neck on this bass make it sound less deep?  I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks!
Personally, I find no difference. If you do then that's fair game.

You're really not gonna get a conclusive answer on this cause there isn't one. Some people think it makes an audible difference, some don't.
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I would argue that a personally comfortable and fitting neck sounds best...because you play it better.
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not sure it's possible to know for sure without trying it.

i don't think it will ruin the bass, though- worst case scenario, it will sound terrible and you can just put the old neck back on. you'll be out the cost of the new neck, though, granted.
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I would argue that a personally comfortable and fitting neck sounds best...because you play it better.

Agreed, whatever you play best, sounds best.
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Bass players seem to take tone wood and related effects more seriously than most (solidbody) electric guitar players. It is possible that the way they are built - long scale, heavy strings - makes this kind of effect more apparent.

It will be a case of try it and see, as already suggested.
There's a long history of arguing over whether wood actually makes a difference in tone for electric guitars. I've come to the opinion that it makes no difference, or if there is it's inaudible. Acoustic and hollow bodies are a different story; there are distinct tonal differences in wood there for sure. I haven't come across any discussion about bass guitars and never noticed a difference myself, but it's the same physics as an electric guitar, so I'm inclined to think it won't make a difference, but I don't know.
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