Hey all, I just have to take some time and post a review of this awesome amp. I have been looking for an amp to replace my crate 212 that I ran a digitech gt-3 through. I recently tried out for a band and found that while my patches sounded great in my basement playing by myself, it was very thin and did not cut through the mix very well. This is not to say that the gt3 is bad, it could very well have been my eq or something. Anyways, the other guitar player was playing a blackstar ID60 and it sounded pretty good to me. After about a week of trying out some amps (line 6; fender mustang, etc.), I decided to order online the Blackstar ID260.....the 212 combo version of the 112 ID60.

There are pros and cons. I will get to the pros but I want to start with the con.....the IDfs10 footswitch designed for the amp did not work out for me. There was a significant lag time when switching patches - I would be on a clean patch (intro to screaming in the night) and when I stomped the next patch for the distorted section, there was a bit of delay in the switching to where I would hit the chord that was supposed to be distorted but instead was clean for a second before the patch changed. Unacceptable to me. I wish I would have read the reviews about it - would have saved some time. I returned the idfs10 and got a Rocktron Midi Mate instead and WOW what a perfect match (some would say the behringer is better because it has the 2 expression pedals, but I am very satisfied with the rocktron). The midi mate was extremely easy to set up and save patches to and the patch changes are seamless.

Now, the pros of this amp. In very little time I was able to dial in the exact tone I was looking for for the particular song I was setting up. In a matter of a minute or so for each song, I was able to create amazing patches for: (dio)Stand Up and Shout; Wasted Years; If You Want Blood; Have a Drink On Me; Cold Gin; Oh Well; Jealous Lover; Double Vision; Screaming in the Night; Round and Round......patches created....save to the midi mate and Bam! good to go. That is a lot of variety of tones and they are perfect. This amp uses emulated tube technology with about 8 different tubes to choose from and I will say they make the amp really feel like a tube amp. This amp has balls....presence....dynamics.....is punchy....cuts right through the mix.....I just can't believe how nice it sounds.

I have read some bad reviews on the Insider software program that you use to access deep editing of the patches/effects, but I have yet to experience any problems. It works for me exactly as it claims to.

You owe it to yourself to give this amp a try....I love it!
I don't know about this thing, I don't really much like modeling amps. but I just got an ht-1 and I love the little thing for what it is. small cheapish amp that I can play anything from blues to megadeth or ozzy on in my bedroom, and pretty decent tone. you can get some raunchy classic marshal overdrive or even dial in a more American like bluesy overdrive, and also hit the switch and its up into ozzy and evh/metallica territory.

granted it doesn't have a footswitch, and you can really only get like 4-8 sounds out of it, but its a great little practice amp. Id buy another blackstar for sure. Im sure it sounds great, but Ive never found any type of tube emulation to really be satisfactory personally. I'll def try one next time I see one tho

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Funny, I literally just came to this section of the forum just to find somewhere to praise the ID: Core I played the other day at GC.

I plugged into because it was the only decent looking thing available and I was extremely surprised by the tonality and dynamics. Solid state has come a long way.

It seemed to play well with EMGs too, which was the first time I'd every demoed a guitar with them.