Hello, first things first i have a berdux 1300 electric guitar. I was using some marshall 10-46 strings for about two months when my high e broke, so i bought an ernieball 11-48 set. I play in standard e most of the time. Will this string change hurt my guitar?
PS: my bridge is synchronized tremolo (fixed with 6 screws but still i can still use a tremolo bar)
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It won't hurt your guitar. It may upset your trem a bit, to the point of your needing to set it up, but it certainly won't damage the guitar.
It won't hurt the guitar, but you will have to adjust the intonation and probably give adjust the truss rod a bit, but those are both things that can be reasonably done yourself.
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Nope, won't hurt a thing. Check intonation, and bridge if it's a floating one, neck relief shouldn't change much if any, but you can check it too...
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Nope as everyone said a few minor set up adjustments will be required
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