So I was home from University and since I didn't have much to do I went trough some of my old stuff and found this:

Just some stuff we put together in school to learn soldering. Boring. But then I had a look at the transistors, and thought: 'Maybe I can build a fuzz with them!'. So the Transistors were BC549c which are modern version of the BC109c, and that is used in a ton of Fuzz's. Since I had a distinct lack of other parts I knew it would have to be a very simple circuit, and so I decided on a variant of the One Knob Fuzz:

As you see there are quite a few variants already, and I quickly tried to draw up something similar with the parts I could find (I stole some additional resistors and caps from an old broken radio). This is what I ended up with:

And all put together:

The input jack and potentiometer are from the electronics of my first guitar, the output is just the tip of and old broken cable. It is powered by battery only, because a battery clip is all I could find.
And well, it works! It doesn't sound bad either. Nice and thick Fuzz tones, it even clears up quite well when you roll of the volume.

So, if you find some old electronics in your house, try to build something with it!
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