Senseless sorrow to contour fore this morrow I explore sore weak and hollow
Haste traced in regret to keep my wallow fore your light I did follow before
Darkness consumed what was once bright now swallowed; Will I see her again? I dove strike:
Playing games of chance; Awarding chance to she; I repeat: Will I see her again?
I pray for a break in an escape I can borrow or take for free;
As I pull hairs that make me sneeze;
Watching TV looking for content that I like
and if it airs it'll be and if not -- It wasn't meant to be (just wasn't meant for me)

Faith can communicate in many ways; Filled with hope I cope grown radiant over this maiden laden
With joy fore delusions do toy and illusions deployed prove to destroy the weak and annoy;
Why hath I put my faith into such garbage? Why can't love be planted?
Why must I be left alone upset and on my own I ask it,
God, is this thy plan thou has in mind? Do you remind me of blessings took for granted now departed to memory?
Am I to thank thee for a future of misery? Do I explore what the heart can endure? Or accept thy plan for me oh Lord!
Tossed forever and forever restored will restore me; Nevermore
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