I'm having trouble finding the gear to achieve this lead guitar tone. The lead guitar in this song starting at 46 seconds into the video:

It's basically like you're listening to an overdriven lead guitar through an old telephone. I'm imagining it's compressed quite a bit, probably some fuzz? I have Amplitube 4 so I can try out any effects. Anyone have any ideas what I could use?

bbzswa777 Nvm. I figured it out. Graphic EQ. Apparantly there's an old school method of doing this as well, like reamping or something like that. But using an EQ is much easier.
Sounds like there is an envelope filter. Some units have a built in fuzz.
Gab_Azz maybe that's what I'm missing. I'm getting very close just using the graphic EQ. But I'll mess around with an envelope filter as well to see if I can't match it. Thanks.
An envelope filter is basically an EQ that changes in response to your playing.
This sounds a little bit like talkbox kind of thing to me but it's most likely an envelope (As everyone else has said). I'd recommend checking out talkbox stuff if you like that kind of thing though because it's very interesting to play with
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