Hi, I've recently bought an Orange Micro Dark Terror, Laney Cub Cab 2x12 and have started to use my old Boss ME-25 after dusting it off ?
I found a Boss DS-2 second hand for a reasonable price and bought that too, only I am struggling to get a nice distortion tone from it, I'm no gear head, but it just doesn't 'sound' as nice as I had hoped ? I've also got a Big Muff which I find does give a lovely distortion tone ?
So, my question is, what are some decent settings for the DS-2, and any suggestion for amp setting too to accompany it would be ideal ?

Regards ?
it's ages since i've tried the ds2, but i think it's supposed to sound more or less like a ds1 on mode 1? if so, try setting the tone to 10-11 o'clock, that's pretty much the only tone setting that the ds1 sounds any good at. then it's just a matter of setting how much distortion you need and how loud you want it.
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Well it really comes down to the AMP and how much Gain you are already on.

Mode 1 in my Opinion sounds more organic and responsive than Mode 2.
Mode 2 is quite sterile and it sounds pretty similar on most of the settings.

What kind of sound do you want to achieve with the pedal? We might be able to help you more when you give us some hints.