1. Opinion(s) on the two
2. Whether or not you've used either of these for songwriting and how your experience was
3. Which do you think is more practical
4. Which is less challenging
5. Any other comments/suggestions etc

No need to follow the questions explicitly... they're just guidelines. I mainly want to know if either a typewriter or a ink/quill are worth the investment for songwriting. I currently use paper and pen, then later convert the finalized song to the computer.

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Well, uh, I for one am thinking a pen and paper is good, and 'investing' in a typewriter or ink + quill isn't very necessary. If they stimulate your creativity or something (clueless), then great. But otherwise... why would you even? There. Just my opinion.
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1. Opinion(s) on the two

They are both antiquated and goofy.

3. Which do you think is more practical

Both are very impractical so I don't think it matters which is more practical.

5. Any other comments/suggestions etc

Don't use either because there is absolutely no benefit from using either.

I mainly want to know if either a typewriter or a ink/quill are worth the investment for songwriting.

Not at all. There is a reason that neither is commonly used anymore.
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hmmmm as has been said both are an inconvenient pain in the arse, i dunno if you'd get any benefits out of either for songwriting, but i use dip pen + ink for drawing/visual poetry stuff and you get loads of control over line thickness/feel which i like for expressiveness. kinda like frantically having to dip in ink as well. you would get pretty lines if you used for general songwriting notes, but they do take practice to use. dip pen and ink is gonna be cheaper than typewriter (dunno why you'd get a quill they havent been used for like centuries, and the feather would annoy me to no end).

now typewriters, they are a regimented way of writing, good for concrete poetry. good for writing ur super dense post-modern manuscript. in songwriting where you may want to go back and change things it will be more effort than with pen, but restrictions lead to different forms and creativity and things so i dunno. do typewriters need maintenance/break? i break a lot of nibs but they are cheap and easy to replace, not sure about typewriter parts.

if you just want to use one of these to look cool/sound different in interviews i would advise against.
I agree with theogonia777, don't invest in expensive stuff just to have it thinking it will help, as it likely won't.

I thought this thread was gonna be more of a "which do you use more" and by "ink & quill" you meant hand written and by "typewriter" you meant, well, typed. And if that is what you mean, everyone nowadays carries a smartphone with a "notepad" feature that you can easily jot down ideas when they hit. And personally, when I sit down with plans to write, I use a smooth writing pen (ultra fine sharpies are the best!) and a simple ruled notebook as I feel I can write by hand faster than I can type to keep up with my brain when it starts running.

If your looking for creative stimulus, I read once (and fully agree with) that "a clean and organized workspace doesn't promote creativity." What thy are talking about is having posters and photos on the walls and little momentoes and figures and such on the desk helps stimulate creativity. My "music room" is lined with pictures and posters and star wars "toys" and comic books and albums on vinly, cassette and cd. Sometimes you get stuck in a verse or something and you look up and see something that triggers a memory and that can help you finish the line, verse, song, whatever.

That being said, maybe a typewriter could help, or a quill, but they honestly wouldn't even need to work to work... Just the imagery may trigger an idea. Instead of buying a $100 calligraphy set or $200 antique typewriter, maybe go buy a $5 poster online of a writer's den. That's my opinion
I used to really enjoy typewriters. I would quite like to be able to use one again. The only reason I would though is to have something nicer looking than my handwrting but also get to throw my computer in a skip like a luddite.
What's a typewriter? Is that a new app?
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What's a typewriter? Is that a new app?

That's like typecasting.

Typewriters and ink & quill were the technology of the day. Currently, we have pens & paper and computers and smartphones available. If a typewriter helps the creative juices flow, great! That said, the implement isn't usually the cause of inspiration so much as a means to do it.
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