Hi there,

I'm trying to record some guitar but I'm hearing a pretty horrible crackling noise at random points which is essentially ruining the recording, have a listen here:


The microphone is a Blue snowball, the recording distance was about 6-10 inches. The microphone has recorded better in the past so could it be broken? Or is it more likely to be my recording setup?

Thanks for any advice.
It sounds like jitter, most likely the DAW engine.

Try increasing the I/O buffer on your Snowball's Control Panel, and if that doesn't exist, do it in your DAW.
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I've had this or similar before and there were three different causes.

1:As above I/O buffer times in the driver settings for the Mic.If at all possible look for ASIO drivers for your gear.

2:My Printer,even if not switched on,will inject clicks via it's USB cable so I have to unplug the Printer's USB.In other words remove the Printer from my PC until needed.

3:Bad USB cable.This one took a bit of finding but one of my USB cables went down and caused no end of funkiness :O