As the VS Jekyll and Hyde hasn't proved too easy to come by in the UK, what pedals would give the same sort of sound? I've managed to find that the OD side is based on a TS808 but what is the Distortion based on? Is it a specific pedal or just a general Distortion pedal? Or are there better options for both sides? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. (Running a MIM Strat into a Laney LX65R but may be getting a new amp)
marshall shredmaster I think

joyo does a clone (ish), the high gain distortion. also sold by thomann under the harley benton brand.

or you could get a used original.

it's entirely possible the hyde is a tweaked shredmaster (i forget, and there have been multiple versions). but presumably a shredmaster or clone should get you closeish.

edit: for the jekyll there are tons of tubescreamer clones.

also bear in mind that in the newer version of the J&H, the Jekyll isn't actually a tubescreamer clone, it's an open road. which is a tweaked nobels odr-1, as far as i'm aware. thomann sells the odr1 as well.

a new amp would also be a good idea.
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